Hotel Museo & Spa 1870.

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Live an experience of high level of lodging and gastronomy guaranteed, with an exclusive atmosphere, in Tepeyahualco, Puebla. The magic begins as soon as you enter this beautiful hacienda built in 1870 and located in the center of Tepeyahualco. Witness of great events, as was the entire revolutionary process of 1910. This building began its restoration in 2010, which resulted in a magnificent Inn & Spa that retains the original details that account for its more than 100 years old, masterfully mixed with a contemporary style that makes Hacienda Tepetlcalli a unique place.

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If you want to leave the city, but do not want to go far, we invite you to visit Hotel Hacienda Tepetlcalli. We are only 1 hour from the city of Puebla and Xalapa, in Tepeyahualco. Prepare your bags, your books and relax with us. Do not forget to call to make your reservation. We are waiting for you with open arms and burning fireplaces. Let yourself be pampered!



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In the year of 1870, the construction of a hacienda began in the period of the Pofiriato. It was given the name of the Casa del Sol Region for its 27 Haciendas. Tepeyahualco received very important people from that time because the region produced: sheep, goats, horseshoe mules, grains, barley, wheat, malt, oats, corn and pulque. The entire region and the farms supplied these basic products to Mexico City.

Presidential Suite Surreal Area.

Enjoy this video in 360 degrees, live this romantic stay in the Presidential Suite with surreal decoration, let the mystery take you to a state of relaxation in the steam and hot tubs, accompanied by a natural environment inside a walnut tree.

Enjoy in every corner of the charm of the Tepetlcalli Hacienda.

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