Outdoor Gallery

Open spaces and gardens to enjoy your rest

With large open spaces, gardens to relax and enjoy your rest, we are waiting for you in Tepeyahualco, Puebla. We are Hotel Hacienda Tepetlcalli and we are dedicated to pamper you and make you feel good. Do not forget that we are 1 hour from the exciting city of Puebla. We wait for you with open arms and burning fireplaces.

Interior Gallery

Night colors at Hacienda Tepetlcalli

Hacienda Tepetlcalli at night.

Hotel Hacienda Tepetlcalli is spectacular day or night

With good taste and always thinking about your comfort, we have thought about each space of our hotel, so that it is of your total enjoyment, no matter if it is day or night. We are in Tepeyahualco, Puebla. Do not forget to call to make your reservation. We are waiting for you with open arms and burning fireplaces. Let yourself be pampered!