Our History

Hacienda Tepetlcalli Hotel Museo & Spa 1870

In the year of 1870, the construction of a house began with its walls being more than 80 centimeters thick, which shows us a fortress for the distant era, its interiors 6 meters high, spacious rooms up to 12 meters long by 6 meters wide, a large and enough kitchen and a quadrangular garden with a cistern that receives rainwater from the roofs in the rainy season and is preserved with lentil, the construction progressed with the arrival of each heir in which Over the years he became a small Hacienda built by Don Otilio Limón Cruzado, his wife Doña Amada Limón Cervantes, place where her 10 children were born: MATILDE, HUMBERTO, VICTORIA, ERNESTO, CELIA, REFUGIO, FIDEL, TALIA, FRANCISCO AND JUVENTINO.

Porfirio Díaz Period:

As some of their children grew up they emigrated to different parts of the country, in the period of the Pofiriato the region of the house of the sun for its 27 Haciendas and Tepeyahualco being the municipal seat received very important characters of the time.

Production of the Time:

Livestock, cabrio, horseshoe mules, grains, barley, wheat, malt, oats, corn and pulque were produced in the region. The entire region and the farms supplied these basics to Mexico City by the Mexico – Veracruz Interoceanic Railroad.

Mexican Revolution:

In the revolution of 1910 an extreme of crisis was reached. Barley was stirred with corn to make tortillas and for weeks it was the only food. Continuous days of anxiety, the revolutionary forces took possession of Tepeyahualco, the haciendas and looting was imminent.

Don Otilio said that General HILARIO MÁRQUEZ demanded five thousand pesos in gold or he would shoot him, coincidentally he was friends with a revolutionary called CELSO CEPEDA who avoided the execution. Don Otilio was known as a serious and honorable man. Among the episodes that took place in this place the revolutionaries came for trade reasons with Don Otilio, who treated them very well and in many occasions they shared the food a good pulque and aguardiente.

Once the Obregonists arrived, GENERAL ALVARO OBREGÓN, GENOVEVO DE LA O, GENERAL DIEGUEZ, and GENERAL MAYTORENA, which were quartered in the HACIENDA. In the face of revolutionary attacks, Don Otilio migrated to Mexico City with his family. The Hacienda was abandoned for more than 20 years.

The youngest son of Don Otilio, JUVENTINO LIMÓN LIMÓN decided to return to his homeland Tepeyahualco and is the one who rescues the property. In 1937, he established a business called “EL NUEVO MUNDO” on Hidalgo Street and began investigations of the archeological zone CALTONAC. The archeological zone of CALTONAC is known for more than 50 years of research, achieving a collection of more than 5000 pre-Hispanic archaeological pieces

DON JUVENTINO LIMÓN LIMÓN marries Doña Sara Rivera and they have ten children: CARLOS, RAQUEL, ELOINA, CAROLINA, ERICK, VINICIO, ERWIN, EDGAR AND ANDREA of which over time they constitute a FOUNDATION IN MEMORY OF JUVENTINO LIMÓN LIMÓN TO PRESERVE his legacy. In the year of 2006, reconstruction, remodeling of the hacienda with its architectural design began, carefully seeking to restore it in such a way that it did not lose its original design. This is how in 2010 it derived in a magnificent hotel museum and spa that retains its surprising details that retain its more than 149 years old.

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