Located in our holistic area, we have 3 individual massage rooms, as well as 1 couple’s massage room with jacuzzi in which we provide individual or couple services.

Steam bath, sauna, Turkish bath, temazcal, jacuzzi, pool.

Relaxing massage.
Anti stress technique, acts on a physical and mental level, releasing tension creating a spiritual balance.
Terepeutic massage.
Massage with deep friction, helps chronic acute contractures. Indicated for stiff and sore muscles.
Facial massage.
Moisturizer and moisturizer.
Hot stone massage.
Massage with stones from the Cantona region, highly energetic that thanks to its therapeutic properties offer a relaxing therapy.

Sheep milk bath.
100% organic products.
It helps release toxins and activate blood circulation.

Turkish bath.
It is a steam bath modality that includes cleaning the body.
From the Nahuatl word temazcalli, ‘house where you sweat’, from temaz, ‘sweat’, and calli, ‘house’) is a steam bath used in traditional medicine.

In Tepeyahualco Puebla – Sanctuary of tranquility and calm

If you are looking for a place to rest, with complete tranquility and surrounded by artistic details, we present Hotel Hacienda Tepetlcalli. It will be a pleasure to receive you in our exclusive rooms, spa and green areas. Do not forget to call to make your reservation. We are waiting for you with open arms and burning fireplaces. Let yourself be pampered!


Escape to our Spa in the best atmosphere of tranquility

We invite you to know our exclusive SPA. We have packages that will please all your senses: massages, sauna, steam, Turkish bath, temazcal ritual and many others.

After a busy day, we wait for you to rest

Imagine that you were walking all day in our ATVs on Cerro El Pizarro and that you went out to visit the Caltonac Museum; You are tired and would like to go to the spa to relax and receive a massage. All this is possible only here, at Hotel Hacienda Tepetlcalli.